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Thanks man, so if im reading this correct I can use the f40 with cobalt supercharged axles and jack shaft If i use the f35, again use cobalt axles and jack shaft The engine placement of the F35 will be very similar to a stock fiero, but the F40 will need it to be 1" further to the passenger side and some engines don't have the room on the passenger side for this shift mostly the V8's.

The F23 and F35 can use a fiero thickness flywheel about. Custom shift cable brackets will be needed on the transmission side for any of the 3 transmissions and the needed shifter cables depends on your cable bracket design. If you use 2 Getrag select cables, you will likely break the one used for shifting - it simply isn't large enough for agressive shifting. Custom transmission mounts are also needed for any of the 3 transmissions. The tranny brackets will be made by Roger Thelin, im getting his kit but your saying the 4 speed shifter will have to be modified And do you know what cables i would need, right now i have dickmans cables If you want to run the F40 with 2 getrag select cables, then yes, the 4 speed shifter must be modified.

I don't have much info for the F35 as it is only used with some of the ecotecs and there have been very, very few swaps with that transmission into a fiero.

You might want to read this thread in detail as it uses the F35 transmission and the Thelin parts. Most of your questions about F35 items are probably covered in it. If not, you might try to PM ccfiero Click here to visit the donation page View all sponsors.

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Mar 20th, Report this Post PM. Hey guys, those who have done these swaps, pls i have some questions i need answered F23 M Will this tranny accept fiero axles? Will the stock cobalt axles fit the Fiero hubs? Will one of those jack shafts or half shafts fit into the f23 and will a fiero axle fit into the jack shaft?

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Same questions for the f35 and f40 trannys I really wanna use the f23 tranny with the jack shaft and 2 drivers side Fiero axles IP: Logged. Also theoreticallyWhy don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Wiki User The F35 Lightning 2 is a joint strike fighter produced by American companies lockheed martin and northrop grumman and British company BAe systems. It is also being funded by many other countries as well e.

Australia and turkey. The F35 programme is intended to produce three varieties of one aircraft, with the intent that the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps will each field their variant. Asked in Fighter Aircraft How big is an F35? An F is 51 ft long and has 35 ft wingspan. Asked in Flag of China Why is there a Chinese flag on the f22 raptor f35 lightning? Asked in Fighter Aircraft Which is the best jet fighter in the world? Asked in North America Are f35 made in America?

The F is made in Lockheed Martins mile-long factory in America. Great guitar - just not worth much. Asked in Fighter Aircraft How much does the f35 lighting jetplane cost in dollars? I have heard the cost is over million per unit and rising.

That would depend on the specification. For example, in a war you're not going to want a Boeingyou want a fighter plane e. The J20 is nothing but a simple amalgam of decades of persistent cyber espionage and reverse engineering performed by the Chinese military. A more appropriate comparison would be the J20 vs the F35 but even in this instance, the F35 would win thanks to its advanced electronics and avionics.

No one can say because new aircraft are built in secrecy but the latest aircraft developed and accepted into the USAF is the f35 lightning. Asked in Cheat Codes Are there boot codes for ftb2 1. Asked in Guitars What kind of a guitar is the Yamaha F35? The F35 is a full size acoustic folk guitar, an entry level instrument by Yamaha.The F35 features a two-axis conventional transverse layout, with fully synchronized gearsand compact packaging. It features a higher torque carrying capacity than most manual transmission currently in use by competing North American small cars.

The design was updated with synchronized reverse, triple-cone synchronizers on 1st and 2nd gears, and single-cone synchronizers for 3rd, 4th, 5th and reverse gears.

No maintenance is required for normal operation. A limited-slip differential is available for high-output applications. GM has sourced Quaife 's automatic torque biasing ATB torque-sensing Torsen-style differential, which is an all-mechanical geared unit that uses no clutch packs or preloading to transfer torque from one axle to the other.

The torque transfer occurs automatically and gradually when one wheel loses traction. This type of differential can severely reduce the effects of torque-steer. The gearbox has shown to hold more power than the factory stated quite reliably.

That being said, a lower geared final drive helps eliminate excessive stress on the gears; thus the 3. The transmission can still break, especially with a fast spooling turbo to create a low end boost spike. The most common gear to break is third, and commonly a boost ramp is tuned in to help prolong the stock transmission.

getrag f35

In general, the transmission will hold up better if the boost comes in later so it is not a sudden surge of power. Wheel hop is a killer of transmissions and axles, creating excessive stress as the wheels load and unload. Different versions of the transaxle are available depending upon the application. Both cable and rod shift mechanisms are available, as well as application-specific clutch housings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about an automobile transmission. For other uses, see F The references in this article are unclear because of a lack of inline citations.

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Awesome write up Great writeup!

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Just like you said it would be. Now if I could actually find an F23, that would be nice. The write up is awesome, very clear and on topic. I have been happily enjoying my car since I've had it back, with only a few hiccups - all related to the SBC and the adapter plate.

My opinion on it's shifting is that it's as easy to shift as the Muncie 4 speed was, and MUCH easier to get into reverse no grinding! I'm still trying to get used to the shift pattern, though. I occasionally miss going into third and have to play with it a little - but that's on me, not the transmission.

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I've been looking forward to this write-up and you didn't disappoint! Thank you. This should make it into the construction zone. Well done and very informative. I'm sure I will be using this in the near future. The SBC looks great too. I see the AFR heads, are they the street s? I hope it has a incredibly long duration cam and a single plane to take advantage of the flow.

That'd be L67 loving the red in his ratings bar. But he said not to touch it, so I can't switch my plus to a neg for him I am getting this transmission soon and will be contacting you about the cables. Thanks for your time and effort on this, the Fiero community will certainly benefit from this writeup.The F23 is a five-speed manual transmission manufactured by Getrag in Italy.

The F23 has one roll pin, two gearsets on each of three parallel shafts — the input shaft, the output shaft, and the intermediate shaft. This three-shaft also called three-axis design results in a very short axial length for better packaging. There are three separate shift fork shafts, which hold three shift forks to activate the synchronizer rings for the two gearsets on each of the three gear shafts. The shift forks are activated by a cable system.

The clutch release bearing is operated by a concentric slave cylinder that surrounds the input shaft in the clutch housing. A concentric slave cylinder allows more linear clutch feel than an external lever-actuated clutch and release bearing. The input shaft carries the 3rd and 4th gear synchronizer, the intermediate shaft carries the 1st and 2nd gear synchronizer, and the output shaft carries the 5th and reverse gear synchronizer.

The aluminium case contains a conventional final drive gearset. There are sintered bronze double-cone blocker rings on the synchronizers for 1st and 2nd gears, while 3rd and 4th gears use carbon fiber blocker rings, and 5th and Reverse gears use molybdenum on their synchronizers.

Getrag F23 transmission

Carbon and molybdenum are extremely durable friction surfaces that remain stable even under extreme heat. In the U. It does not have the problems that plague the F found in the SS, so it makes for a good transmission swap candidate.

The bulletin continued to explain that there are actually two distinguishable noises which have two very different remedies. Making a sharp right hand turn will usually stop the noise. While the noise is occurring, in order to distinguish between the two noises, you can press lightly on the clutch pedal without releasing the clutch and the noise will NOT go away or change.

As a second diagnostic aid, while the vehicle is making the noise, shift to third gear and the noise will stop. General Motors provided a fix for "Noise 1" but stated that "Noise 2" was a characteristic of any car equipped with a manual transmission and that a similar noise could be repeated by lugging the engine.

The remedy for "Noise 1" was to overfill the transmission with Saturn Manual Transmission Lubricant from the stock 1. Although this seemed to work for many customers, many other complaints still surfaced and in General Motors released another TSB urging customers that still have the rattling noise in their transmissions should bring their vehicles in to their nearest General Motors affiliated dealer for a more complex fix.

This indeed fixed the rattle issue once and for all, but has more recently been lamented in many online communities as causing a bigger problem than it solves, as many customers that received this fix reported third and fourth gears grinding from time to time while shifting. Afterwards, many owners of these vehicles have concluded that leaving the transmission alone was for the best, as the rattling noise has been proven to be harmless. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article is about an automobile transmission. For other uses, see F23 disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification.

getrag f35

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There are two separate noises.

Follow the diagnostic procedures listed below to determine which noise the vehicle has and perform the outlined repair.By chevellespeed, September 26, in Powertrain. Anyone have a Getrag for sale? The unit in my '91 GTP has a crunch in 2nd and from what I've read, I can't buy replacement parts for this thing. My only option is to find a used unit or send this unit back to Getrag. Iirc nobody rebuilds them anymore.

So your left with finding a good used trans. GM never produced it, Getrag gears did. I wish I could find parts for these things.

I have a useless sitting around with a bad 3rd gear syncro. Hell I even got someone at Getrag to tell me to piss off not in those words. I would suggest an F40 as well. It is currently in production and will be much easier to find parts for in the future. They don't know what half the work is required for any engine or trans swap.

Not to mention that trans isn't suited for or even rated for our heavier Wbodies. Oh I'm sure it is a lot of workI didn't say it wasn't. Just seems like if you're willing to do the work, it'd probably be a better bet for future serviceability.

Sure sounds like a great trans to me:lol:. The F40 was rated at a maximum engine torque of lb-ft. Note this is not the same as the maximum transmission torque, so don't get the two numbers confused. However, the only reason why it was rated for this output was because lb-ft is the maximum engine torque of the biggest engine they bolted it to; the LZ9 technically lb-ft.

Had the LZ9 put down lb-ft, the transmission would have been rated at that or 5 lb-ft higher. If we look further into the numbers, the transmission is certified for a vehicle weight of Awefully close to the curb weight of the car it came from with the Whether or not it can withstand much higher amounts of power for a reasonable length of time is to be determined since people have only been swapping these things in for so long.

getrag f35

Would I use it as a transmission of choice? Having seen what Bob has gone through to get headers to fit in my car, I'm with the mindset that the easier it is, the better, and at this moment, Getrag 's are somewhat available, as are high capacity clutches, without requiring a whole lot of fabrication. The key word here is the required amount of fabrication. Unless you're really good, you're better off sticking with the transmissions that have been tried and proven, and have endless amounts of knowledge and support.

Of course, you're also more than welcome to be a pioneer, do it yourself, and document every step so everyone else will come to you for answers, but whether or not you have the expertise and fabrication skills to make such a swap happen is for you to decide. I'm sure I could figure it out if I really wanted to, but I'd rather just go with something that I know for a fact works.

A member here gpchris has put an F40 in his first gen GP. And to quote a post from that link I posted I don't plan on racing my car. I just want a fun, comfortable cruiser with a little bit more power. I want to know how he got rwhp out of a Northstar with a front wheel drive transmission.The Chevy Cobalt is another compact car entry designed to be economical, yet have enough luxuries to satisfy almost everyone. Introduced in to replace the Prism and Cavalier.

Searching for Chevy Cobalt Transmissions for Sale, affordable and easy to get? The Cobalt uses a common front wheel drive arrangement. If you look under the hood, this assembly runs across the car, or east to west, to the north south axis of the car.

Another item worth knowing is that a transaxle is designed for front wheel drive cars.


Surprisingly, two manual transmissions are offered, a 5 speed F35 [MU3] manual transmission, and a 5 speed Getrag model F23 manual transmission.

The F35 is a Saab transmission, or transaxle to be exact. The F23 is made by Getrag corp. Two American versions are made: M86, MG3. The automatic overdrive transmission offered in the Cobalt is a 4 speed automatic transmission-transaxle with a lock up torque converter.

Lock up is subtle feature most people are not aware of which adds 2 to 4 miles per gallon. For those interested in replacing a Cobalt transmission, Call the experts at GotTransmissions. Speak with a representative who cares that you get a transmission that suits your budget and needs.

getrag f35

An educated consumer makes better decisions, and is generally more satisfied with their choices. Allow us to provide the education you need before you decide. Ask about our full line of Rebuilt transmissionslow mileage used transmissions and our new crate transmissions. Find out why GotTransmissions. Call right now. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Home About Blog Contact.



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